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“I was 25 and far from home, travelling with a backpack”, Michelle told me during a therapy session. “I opened my new boyfriend’s fridge – it was FULL of alcohol. I felt a cold sweat break out all over my body, and I thought to myself…Damn…I’ve done it again!”

Michelle grew up with addiction in her family. The day she opened the refrigerator door, she finally realized how much her past had impacted her present. Michelle kept ending up with addicts, junkies and alcoholics. She knew she did not like the choices she made, but somehow she kept on repeating them.

Anyone, who has grown up with addiction in their family, is deeply affected.

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This website is for people who were Raised by an Addict. It educates on the impact of addiction but most importantly it educates on awareness. With awareness comes change, both inner and outer. With change comes new ways of thinking and behaving. This is turn leads to a new way of relating and a stronger chance of breaking family patterns and multi-generational trauma. When we break a pattern, we are creating a better future, for ourselves, our children and the world.

But this website was not just created to talk about addiction, trauma and its impact. It was created to give hope. To educate. To inspire.

In this website you can find tools, resources, information and a growing community to find out what you can do to heal and grow.

Please browse through the blog which is updated frequently, find out more about me, or read my book Raised by an Addict. If you want to get my book, also consider downloading the free workbook which contains extra information and exercises and enhances your experience.